Values & Mission


Truth:  I am absolutely committed to the truth.  There can be no other way.  Upon reflection of the past, analysis of today, and planning for the future, truth will always stand the test of time.

Integrity: Unquestioned integrity in my products, services, and my personal life.  Every client, every public contact, and every person contacted will receive the highest degree of ethical behavior from me.

Discipline: My self-motivated and self-disciplined work ethic will insure that my products and services are a step above all others.

Determination: I will get the job done, and will strive to do it better than my clients expect, at all times and in every way.


I will serve my Savior, Jesus Christ, by providing my clients with the finest available individual, corporate and government consulting, and law enforcement and corporate training.  All services are custom tailored to each client's needs.

Corporate Philanthropy

I proudly support the following entities with financial donations, and I salute the men and women who dedicate a portion of their lives to operating and sustaining these organizations:

Angela House

The 100 Club