Advanced Property & Evidence Room Management


This training was specifically designed to correct many of the problems that plague police agencies with their evidence policies and procedures in their property rooms.

Are you properly purging old evidence?
Is your evidence room audited at least regularly?
Are your evidence and entrusted property rooms a mess?
Do you have a written evidence policy to protect you from lawsuits?
What DNA evidence requires freezing vs. refrigeration vs. air-drying?
Are your evidence collection tools obsolete?  Do you know if they are?
Do you handle, package and store DNA evidence to ensure its integrity for the life of the suspect?
     Do you know you may have to by law?
Are you properly labeling jewelry to protect yourself from false claims or lawsuits?
Are you effectively using your limited resources to collect, transport and store evidence?
How many keys are floating around to your evidence room?  Are swipe cards and security cameras really the answer?
Do you have appropriate security for your seized drugs, guns, cash and alcoholic beverages from within as well as from the outside?


This dynamic and fast-paced one day, eight-hour program will give agencies and officers the information they need to insure the proper handling of evidence and entrusted property in their property & evidence room.  Advanced Property & Evidence Room Management will also give officers and administrators the information they need to protect and secure their agency from attack over the mishandling of stored evidence.


Using his unique experience and his knowledge of the evidence handling and processing of many police agencies, Lieutenant Mark Riordan (Retired), has developed a comprehensive but concise training program on the management of property rooms A to Z.  Designed to give officers and agencies a tactical advantage in the storage of evidence, Lieutenant Riordan condensed his program to a one-day, 8-hour block of training.


Relevant to all police officers as well as the top-level police administrator, and all specially assigned civilian evidence room technicians, Advanced Property & Evidence Room Management is an extremely relevant training program designed to give all the latest rules, procedures, policies, laws, and legal opinions concerning evidence storage.  In addition to the training, students will receive an extensive manual and CD-ROM containing much of the information covered. 


Legal definitions: entrusted property vs. evidence vs. contraband
Recent court opinions, laws of evidence, and laws that affect evidence rooms
Evidence that requires court orders and how to insure this is done properly
Proper marking, documentation, retrieval, logging, and recording of disposition
Packaging for safety, security and integrity
Policy proposal, creation, and training
How to purge old evidence and entrusted property
Proper handling of the 5 categories of evidence that cause the most trouble: firearms, drugs, alcoholic beverages, currency, and DNA evidence
Effective security for property rooms
Transporting evidence safely
DNA evidence - insuring its viability for years to come - BIOHAZARD
Temporary storage
Using off site storage
Effective audits