Customized Training


Mark Riordan is available to review agency policies on currently scheduled training subjects or other necessary subjects and help design a training program that fits that particular agency.  Administration officials can then decide whether they want to provide the training strictly in house or whether they will open the training to outside agencies or other officials.  Either way, Mark Riordan will gladly work with agencies to determine the best course of training at the best cost.


Mark Riordan has the certifications, training, and experience to provide world class law enforcement and corporate training to clients around the globe.  The training programs listed are in the scheduling process, however there are many more subjects that Mark Riordan has taught to his own agency, other law enforcement agencies or corporate entities in the United States, and to military, law enforcement, and government officials in Europe.


Mark Riordan has been invited to teach many subjects all over the United States and in Europe.  The following short list represents some of those subjects taught in addition to already scheduled training:

  • Current Issues in Computer Forensics
  • Internet Investigations
  • Gathering Intelligence on the Internet
  • Investigating Sex Offenders on the Internet
  • Forged and Counterfeit Identification Documents
  • Counterterrorism Operations Training
  • Terrorism Signature Crimes
  • Handling Entrusted Property
  • Intelligence and Investigative Report Writing
  • Officer Survival Firearms Training
  • Strategic and Tactical Intelligence
  • Performance Evaluation Training

In addition to those listed course subjects, Mark Riordan is currently designing training in Forensic Hypnosis, Stress Management, and Criminal Investigative Analysis.

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